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Re: fill_between : comments

Hi Jaison,
Yes, as you say, this is due to the bug Patrick reported about the polygon
command, that the POLY/LINE and filled polygons are inconsistent with
each other regarding the sign of the coordinates of the polygons. For the
moment this is on our list as a "known bug". Here is a script which works
around this by doing it both ways - it just overlays a plot with the vertices
having the opposite sign when we have a Z axis.

\cancel mode verify
! fill_between.jnl
! 6/99 *sh*
! From Weimin Wang/Steve Hankin emails July 2000
! cleanup Ansley Manke 10/2000
! Bug fix: 3/2004 for depth axis polygon overlay was not drawn.

! Description: Fill between two curves or a curve and a constant value

! Usage: $1 $2 $3 $4
! yes? GO fill_between polygon_command data axis [base]
! $1 - the polygon command with qualifiers (eg POLYGON/OVER/PALETTE=GREEN
! $2 - a variable -- as if it were being plotted
! $3 - the axis name for variable "data"
! $4 - base curve or offset value. If omitted, shade between "data" and 0.

! example 1
! define axis/t=1-jan-1990:1-mar-1990:1/unit=days tday
! let a = SIN(T[gt=tday]/10)
! let b = 0.4*cos(T[gt=tday]/4) - 2
! plot a, b
! go fill_between poly/over/palette=red/line a tday b
! go fill_between poly/over/palette=yellow a tday 1.
! go fill_between poly/over/palette=green b tday -3

! example 2 with a depth axis
! use levitus_climatology
! let a = temp[y=0,x=180]
! let b = temp[y=60,x=180]
! plot a,b
! go fill_between poly/over/palette=green/line/nolab a zaxlevitr b

! argument check
QUERY/IGNORE $1"<usage: yes? GO fill_between polygon_command data axis [base]"
QUERY/IGNORE $2"<usage: yes? GO fill_between polygon_command data axis [base]"
QUERY/IGNORE $3"<usage: yes? GO fill_between polygon_command data axis [base]"

! save the input expressions into simple variable definitions
LET/QUIET FBbase = $4"0"

! determine the orientation of the data (and check that it is 1D)
DEFINE SYMBOL FBax `FBy,return=shape`
DEFINE SYMBOL FBiax ($FBax"|X>i|Y>j|Z>k|T>l|<error: data is not a line")
DEFINE SYMBOL FBbar_ax ($FBax"|X>Z|Y>Z|Z>Y|T>Z|<error: data is not a line")

DEFINE SYMBOL FBbase_ax `FBbase,return=shape`
DEFINE SYMBOL FBbase_iax ($FBbase_ax"|X>i|Y>j|Z>k|T>l|POINT>i|<error: base is not a line")
DEFINE SYMBOL FBbase_bar_ax ($FBbase_ax"|X>Z|Y>Z|Z>Z|T>Z|POINT>Z|<error: base is not a line")

! get the independent axis out as a separate variable
DEFINE SYMBOL FBilo `FBy,return=($FBiax)start`
DEFINE SYMBOL FBihi `FBy,return=($FBiax)end`

! Define a new non-depth axis in case of a depth axis: the poly overlay
! with /transpose is incorrect on a depth axis.

define axis/($FBax) FBaxis=($FBax)[G($FBax)=$3]
LET/QUIET FBx = ($FBax)[G($FBax)=FBaxis,($FBiax)=($FBilo):($FBihi)] !FBx=X[GX=ax,i=lo:hi]
LET/QUIET FBx = ($FBax)[G($FBax)=$3,($FBiax)=($FBilo):($FBihi)] !FBx=X[GX=ax,i=lo:hi]
can mode ver
! assemble the vertices above and below
LET FBydn = 0.*FBy + FBbase

LET/QUIET FBpindex = ($FBbar_ax)[($FBbar_ax)=1:4]

LET/QUIET FBx4_0 = IF FBpindex EQ 1 OR FBpindex EQ 4 then FBxdn ELSE FBxup
LET/QUIET FBy4_0 = IF FBpindex EQ 1 OR FBpindex EQ 4 then FBydn ELSE FByup
LET/QUIET FBx4_1 = IF FBpindex LE 2 then FBx4_0 ELSE FBx4_0[($FBax)=@shf:-1]
LET/QUIET FBy4_1 = IF FBpindex LE 2 then FBy4_0 ELSE FBy4_0[($FBax)=@shf:-1]

! for Z -axis plot, transpose the overlay
! if it is a depth axis, need to also multiply by -1.
DEFINE SYMBOL FB_orient ($FBax"|X>fill|Y>fill|T>fill|Z>transpose|")
DEFINE SYMBOL FB_mult ($FBax"|X>1|Y>1|T>1|Z>-1|")

$1/($FB_orient)/coord_ax=($FBbar_ax) FBx4_1, FBy4_1

IF `($FB_mult) LT 0` THEN $1/nolab/($FB_orient)/coord_ax=($FBbar_ax) ($FB_mult)*FBx4_1, ($FB_mult)*FBy4_1
! In case of a POLY/LINE command, also overlay with the opposite sign.
IF `($FB_mult) LT 0` THEN $1/over/nolab/($FB_orient)/coord_ax=($FBbar_ax) FBx4_1, ($FB_mult)*FBy4_1

cancel symbol FB*
cancel variable FB*
set mode/last verify

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