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about fill_between

Hello everybody,

I'm a spanish user of Ferret since one week ago.
I've been looking for an answer to my problem in the
users email archive but I haven't found nothing.

I'd like to plot a special case of a vertical profile.
I have started with a small data file containing 4
columns: z/A/B/C.
I want z to be an independent variable (vertical axis)
and A=A(z), B=B(z), C=C(z) the dependent ones (horiz. axis).
Moreover, I need to fill between A-B and B-C plots.

How could I define the axes in order to plot correctly the
3 variables and apply the fill_between option?
I've tried it in different ways but when I obtain the correct
plots, the program doesn't fill them and  vice versa.

I'd be very grateful If somebody could help me with this



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