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Re: Nolabels and title

Hi Wendy Wang,
                You can get it done in different ways. Have a look at this 
mail in the archive...this will give answer to your question.


You can  find many other usefull mails regarding 'labels' in the archive.

Here is an example
\ cancel mode verify
set data coads_climatology
set reg/l=1

! suppose you want to keep the default title to the plot and x_axis label
! &  y_axis label but no other labels

fill sst        ! to get hold of the ppl symbols we are going to use 
fill /nolab/set sst   ! the plot that we need
ppl title "($labtit)" ! labtit ==> plot title
ppl xlab "($labx)"    
ppl ylab "($laby)"
ppl fill

! command   ppl listsym will show you the symbol name like
!          labx/laby/labtit.... 

With Regards 

Jaison Kurian

On Sun, 28 Mar 2004, Wendy Wang wrote:

> Hi, ferret-users,
> I try to create contour plots that have no labels but have titles.
> I found that I couldn't use the following:
> fill/nolabels/title="SST" temp
> Could some body help please? Thanks in advance.
> Wendy Wang

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