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Re: without lines between the shade key bar without lines between thecolors

Hi Steve,
KEY=CONTINUOUS  was introduced in version 5.41 of Ferret, just
after the version that you are running. The simplest option for you would
be to upgrade to the latest version of Ferret.  Otherwise, there is a method
of drawing such a key, with a user-defined viewport, as in this message,

Ansley Manke

Steve Knox wrote:
I'm trying to create a key without lines between colors.
The SHADE and CONT/fill commands both seem to ignore the key=CONTINUOUS option.
Is the qualifier "CONTINUOUS" supposed to work in this manner or do I need to use ccbar.jnl as described in

        FERRET v5.40 
        Solaris 5.6 - 02/15/02
        12-Feb-04 11:18    

yes? use africa_igbp_50k.cdf
yes? cont/fill/key=CONTINUOUS
Steve Knox
Colorado State University

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