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Re: How do I get at the dataset title in a script?


Thanks but I was looking for the dataset title, not the variable title.  Here's what it looks like in a 'ncdump -h':

// global attributes:
                :title = "MERCATOR PSY2V1R1 SECTION ATL Gulf Cadiz" ;

And I know Ferret knows about it because I see it when I do a SHOW DATA/FULL.  It appears on standard output plots but I'm not doing a standard output plot!  However, I'd still like to display the title on my non-standard plot.

-- Jon

Mick.Spillane@noaa.gov wrote:
Is there a way in Ferret to gain access to the global "title" attribute?

Yes, it is in the PlotPlus symbol LABTIT (use "ppl listsym") and
you can get at it using, for example

plot/title="my title"/i=1:10 1/i
sho sym ($LABTIT)
 !-> sho sym my title
 !or, depending what you want to do with it, as a string
let title = "($LABTIT)"
 !-> DEFINE VARIABLE title = "my title"
 list (title)
             VARIABLE : "my title"
        "my title"

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