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Re: memory size question

Hi Barry,
Here's one idea:  If you set memory=30 at the start of your session
and then do several operations that load various other chunks of
data into memory, you can finally run into the limit on a request
smaller than 30 Mwords. CANCEL MEMORY can help with this.

Ansley Manke

Barry Baker wrote:
Dear Ferret Users,
I must be missing something.  I have set memory to SET MEMORY/SIZE=30 in my JNL file.  To my understanding this is equal to 30 million (4 byte) words.  But I get an ERROR message saying the following.
 **ERROR: insufficient memory: 11277600 words were requested
If I am counting correctly this is approximately equal to 11.3 million words.  So what am I missing here and how do I fix it?
Thanks in advance,

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