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How to plot the "seasonal cycle - time series" of any trace gas

Dear ferret users,

How to use the "fill" command to plot the "seasonal cycle - time series" of any trace gas.

For example here I have attached a plot with this mail (.ppt file), I want to make exactly same plot in ferret.The data used in the attached plot is the same as I want to use in ferret.

In the attached plot, there are three frames, each showing the seasonal cycle time series of CO2 mixing ratio using three different instruments at the same time.

I tried to plot this in ferret with my data using the command

fill mix_CO2[y=-20:20,x=@ave,z=@ave,l=1:100]

(((( here l= time steps)))))

But above command generates a time series that shows the interanual variation of "mix_CO2", not the seasonal cycleas like attached plot which I want.

How to do the seasonal cycle in same fashion as in the attached plot.

Thanks in advance for your kind help,


Yogesh K. Tiwari,
Max-Planck Institute for Biogeochemistry,
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