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Re: viewport/axes + fill

Hi Hein,
This was indeed a bug, where FILL plots were incorrectly clipped in viewports
defined with the /AXES qualifier.  This was fixed in the version 5.51 release
of Ferret.  I would suggest you upgrade to a newer version.


Ansley Manke

Hein Zelle wrote:
Dear Ferret users,

Why does the following not work properly (ferret v5.50)?

  define viewport /axes /xlimits=0.1,0.9 /ylimits=0.1,0.6 TV
  set viewport TV
  use etopo120
  fill rose

It seems like the fill command gets confused by the viewport defined
with /axes, and doesn't plot the whole region anymore. It works nicely
with the "plot/vs" from the manual. Adding /vlimits=-90:90
/hlimits=0:360 to the fill command moves the filled area to the right
location, but it still doesn't fill the whole viewport.

Hein Zelle

    Hein Zelle
    Dept. of Oceographic Research
    KNMI, The Netherlands
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