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Re: how to obtain geostrophic velocity

        Hi xuhuacheng,

I can see that you are using data producted by Collecte Localisation Satellites (.\hh_msla_oer_merged_h_15655.nc).

First, you are using Ferret for the analyse and visualisation of your data.
Ferret is an OPeNDAP client, so you can use the AVISO OPeNDAP server to access the data of Jason, T/P, Envisat, GFO etc... remotly (http://opendap.aviso.oceanobs.com).

Another way to access these data is the AVISO Live Access Server (http://las.aviso.oceanobs.com). This software use Ferret as back-end application. You can use it to plot rapidly the data, and use the different functionnality of the LAS.

For the scientific question, aviso@cls.fr is the good adress, and this mail is in copy.

If you have ohter question, do not hesitate.

Best regards, Tony Jolibois
Tony Jolibois
CLS, Direction Océanographie Spatiale
Tel: (+33) (0) 561 393 797
Internet: http://www.cls.fr

At 15:25 19/11/2003 +0800, you wrote:
Hi ferreters!
   I would like to use T/P altimeter data to obtain geostrophic velocity.The following are the introduction of the data and the formula to be used.
yes? show data
     currently SET data sets:
    1> .\hh_msla_oer_merged_h_15655.nc  (default)
 name     title                             I         J         K         L
          Latitude/Longitude of south/oue  1:2       ...       ...       ...
          latitude/longitude steps         1:2       ...       ...       ...
          H                                1:1080    1:915     ...       ...

           How can I use the data to obtain the geostrophic velocity.Any information will  be highly appreciated.


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