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Re: polymark and filter

Hi Frank,
The /LEV= qualifier should plot only points where the value
of roseij is in the range 0 to 1000.

Or, you can apply a mask to the ilist and jlist values before
you make the call to the polymark script.  All of these let
commands set the value to roseij or ilist or jlist if roseij is
positive, and the other data is all set to missing.

let rosemask = IF roseij GT 0 THEN roseij
let imask = IF roseij GT 0 THEN ilist
let jmask = IF roseij GT 0 THEN jlist
go polymark poly/over/pal=gray/lev=(0,1000,10)   imask jmask roseij square

To get rid of missing values in a list, look at the
COMPRESS functions; probably COMPRESSI is
what you are looking for.

yes? SHOW FUNCTION compress*

Yunyao Qu wrote:

> Dear Ferreters,
> I have two questions:
> (1) how can we only plot the points with values>0( positive value), by
> the polymark (as below)?
> go polymark poly/over/pal=gray/lev=(0,1000,10)   ilist jlist roseij
> square ( ilist,jlist are indexs of variable roseij)
> (2) ilist is a list values(with bad or missing in it), can we filter
> out(get rid of)  the bad(or missing) values and keep a list good values
> of it?
> Thanks
> Yunyao "Frank" Qu
> Computer Science Corporation (CSC)
> Satellite Active Archive (SAA)
> Phone:(301)763-8276 x113

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