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Re: problem using gksm2ps

Hi Hugo,
The reference to a "workstation" is a term in the gks software,
for an input or output stream, which might be an x-windows
plot window, or in this case is the .plt metafile.  The "cannot be
opened" is telling us that there was some error opening the file, and
the "file not found" looks as if it's returned on any error opening the
file.  Is the file in your local directory, and are the protections set
for reading it?

Ansley Manke

Hugo Kelder wrote:

Hi there,

I try to use gksm2ps on a tru64unix 4.0f ds20-server to convert a .plt-file to a .ps file.

Therefore I use version Mod 1.06 /XPPLP Profile F 1.0 of gksm2ps.

After installing the software using the Installation documentation I start the convertor as follows:

# gksm2ps -o file.psmeas.plt (where meas.plt is the specified .plt-file)

I got the following messages:

gopenws()26 Specified workstation cannot be opened

Error 1 opening GKS metafile meas.plt - file not found

I have read some stuff about this messages en relation to X servers but I think nothing is wrong in my environment. I'am using X clients from reflection and hummingbird and the CDE-environment on the Unix console but all result in the same error-messages.

Does anyone have a clue ?


Hugo Kelder

Kender Thijssen

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Postbus 721, 3900 ASVeenendaal

Tel: +31 (0)318 558 800

Fax: +31 (0)318 558 854


Website www.kender-thijssen.nl

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