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problem using gksm2ps

Hi there,


I try to use gksm2ps on a tru64unix 4.0f ds20-server to convert a .plt-file to a .ps file.

Therefore I use version Mod 1.06 /XPPLP Profile F 1.0 of gksm2ps.


After installing the software using the Installation documentation I start the convertor as follows:


# gksm2ps -o file.ps meas.plt (where meas.plt is the specified .plt-file)


I got the following messages:


gopenws()  26 Specified workstation cannot be opened

Error 1 opening GKS metafile meas.plt - file not found



I have read some stuff about this messages en relation to X servers but I think nothing is wrong in my environment. I'am using X clients from reflection and hummingbird and the CDE-environment on the Unix console but all result in the same error-messages.


Does anyone have a clue ?





Hugo Kelder


Kender Thijssen

Remote Beheer Centrum

Traverse 1, 3905 NL Veenendaal The Netherlands

Postbus 721, 3900 AS  Veenendaal

Tel: +31 (0)318 558 800

Fax: +31 (0)318 558 854



Website : www.kender-thijssen.nl


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