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Re: Plot a variable at different depth

On Sun, 28 Sep 2003, Wendy Wang wrote:
> How can I make a contour of salinity (Lat vs time)
> (1) at Kdepth, and (2) integrated 0-Kdepth
> let Ke=0.027+0.05*(cl[k=1])^0.428
> let Kdepth=1/Ke

Hi Wendy,

For (1), see the User's Guide, Ch3 Sec2.4.27, example #5:


For (2), see


This solution for (2) omits fractional grid cells in the integration, but
the accuracy can be improved by regridding Kdepth to a finer grid.  
Another possibility might be to compute an indefinite integral (@iin),
followed by an interpolation to Kdepth using @weq as in (1).



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