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Re: question about ferret


Here is a little script that will do what you want. It is used like this:

yes? go gij coads_climatology sst

Here is the script itself:

! $1 = dataset
! $2 = var

use $1
define axis/x=1:`$2,return=isize`:1 iax
define axis/y=1:`$2,return=jsize`:1 jax
define grid/x=iax/y=jax ijgrid

let/units="`$2,return=unit`"/title="`$2,return=title`" ijvar = $2[gx=ijgrid@asn,gy=ijgrid@asn]

shade ijvar[k=1,l=1]

Creating a generic script like this is much better than writing one that is specific to your dataset.

-- Jon

Matthieu JOUAN wrote:

Mr, I would like to plot my 2D variables (for example ; bathymetry in my
case), without
geographic coordinates appear (because they are false); that means X and
Y axis appears with "i" and "j"
index in the array of result ; like a common i,j 2D array in matlab for
I think it should not be a lot of work , but i can't find the answer on
the website.
thanks by advance for your help

sincerly yours,

JOUAN Matthieu

IFREMER DEL Boulevard Jean Monnet - BP 171 - 34203 SETE Cedex

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