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Re: Problem with variable indices

Hi Michael,
Here is the syntax; note that these are the back-quotes,
also known as grave accent marks:

LET A = 1

The topic you want to read up on in the Users Guide,
is immediate-mode evaluation.  See "immediate mode,
embedded expressions" in the index.   You want Ferret
to evaluate the variable A as the command line is read.

Ansley Manke

Michael Traub wrote:

> Dear Ferreters!
> I have got problems with variable indices:
> If I do:
> LIST APS[I=1]     --> I get the values
> But if I do:
> LET A=1; LIST APS[I=A] -->  **ERROR: command syntax: A
> What is the correct way to work with variable indices???
> Thanx
> Michael

Ansley Manke  Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory  Seattle WA

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