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> Can I overlay the 1D plot (mixed layer depth vs time)
> on the 2D temperature contour over depth (Y) and time (X)?
> I use the following to create two single graphs:
> fill/z=0:150 tid
> plot/ylimits=150:0 h

A simple way to make two overlaid independent plots is to use 
two separate viewports defined identically:

define vi/x=0,1/y=0,1 full2 ! viewport full is pre-defined in ferret

set vi full
fill/z=0:150 tid

set vi full2
plot/ylimits=150:0 h

You may have to twiddle the ylimits qualifier on the fill and
plot commands to get this exactly right. Probably you also want
to use the /nolab qualifier as well, otherwise the labels will
overwrite each other. Another possibility is to omit the axes
on the second plot:

set vi full2
ppl axset,0,0,0,0	! omit drawing the axes
plot/ylimits=150:0 h

ppl axset,1,1,1,1	! reset the default axis drawing after

But for experimentation, leave the axes drawn to make sure that
everything is correct. If you omit the axes, there is no guarantee
that the plot is what you think it is!!!

Billy K

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