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Re: Invert Y axis

Hi Peter,
           There is a simple solution for your problem. You can use the
qualifier VLIMITS with the fill or countour command to orient the Y axis
in the increasing or decreasing order of depth. You will get the
details in the ferret manual commands reference section. 

   use /VLIMITS=y_top value:y_bottom value:increment  with fill or
   countour command

   example: (here y axis is in the reverse way)

             set data levitus_climatology
             set reg/y=-80:80/x=230
             fill temp  !   now Y-axis is positive downward
             fill /VLIMITS=5000:0:500 temp ! now Y-axis is negative
                                           !  downward
   in your case you have to give 
             fill /VLIMITS=0:5000:500 salinity 

There is one more way to solve your problem....it is rather a permanent 

 If you can edit the netcdf file, you can change the attribute for 
    depth indicating the positive direction of depth as 
    DEPTH : positive = "down" as positive down. 
    you can use either ncdump & ncgen or fortran/C programs to do this

Best Regards 

Jaison Kurian

set the On Wed, 13 Aug 2003, Peter Haster wrote:

> Dear Ferreters,
> I have a simple problem. My salinity file has a irregular grid in the Z 
> axis. The axis is define as: Depth - start at 0 meters to 5000 meters. When 
> I make a contour or fill plot of a meridional section the depth axis is 
> invert. The top o the axis are 5000 and the bottom are 0 meters. If any one 
> have an idea to invert the axis (y) ?
> Thanks
> Peter
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