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ferret auto stats

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Hi All,

My dataset includes more than 60 variables (one is named
(1-ai)*wao - ai*wio) and I was wondedering if there was a quick way to
determine whether that (and the other 60 variables in this one dataset)
might look a lot better if  a light_centered palette and 15 fill_levels
centered on 0 were used.  The
variables in the dataset are not all similar to each
other, and to complicate matters, I don't know what 30% of them are, so
I have no idea what their plot products should look like.

I've decided though, that there isn't a good way to do this, other than
to just look at the data and play with the plot options.  For a 1 GB
dataset though, this process is a bit time consuming, so I just wanted
to make sure I wasn't doing this the 'hard way' when there might be some

wonderful little utility that everyone except me knew about!. It would
be something like ...

foreach V (all vars selected)
  let MINS = list var[i=@min, ,j=@min, k=@min, l=@min]
  let MAXS = list var[i=@max, ,j=@max, k=@max, l=@max]
  print MINS and MAXS to a summary table
  plot (histogram of var[values])

and I'd run that and go off kayaking while it generated pretty pictures
and a summary table of stats for all 60 variables in the 1 GB dataset.



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