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termcap & ncurses on linux (was Re: segemntation fault)

Mahdi Ben Jelloul wrote:

At Fri, 30 May 2003 03:00:28 +0200,
Olivier ARCHER wrote:

Mahdi Ben Jelloul wrote:

----> libc.so.5 => /lib/libc.so.5 (0x402d4000) <---------

The only mismatch is libc.so.5.
Should I remove it from my system ?

I think there is a conflict on libc. I've tried to install libc5 on my system, and ldd say that ferret doesn't try to use it. if you dont need libc5, try to remove it from your system. I think ferret dont need libc5. ferret guru should confirm.

But as I said before termcap-compat that provides the libtermcap does
need it. So it can't remove it. How did ou manage to get off the
problem with libtermcap on debian without libc5 ?


Do you really need termcap-compat ? termcap-compat provide /usr/lib/libtermcap.so linked with *libc5* librarie. libncurses5-dev provide libtermcap.so linked with the *libc6* version. You sould remove termcap-compat and install libncurses5-dev. only some old non debian compiled binary application need termcap-compat. If you really need it, move termcap-compat files to a non standard library search path (eg /usr/lib/termcap-compat), and update the LD_LIBRARY_PATH enironnement variable*only* before running old linked binary.

That is the information I needed.
The problem was that I installed and desinstalled termcap-compat after
installing libncurses5-dev so it removed libtermcap.so.
I forced the reinstallation of libncurses5-dev and now everything
works well.

I just have to register ....

Encore merci,

so libtermcap.so.2 is a link to libtermcap.so who is a link to libncurses.so...
Here some information on the same problem on poplog:


So conclusion should be that linux (and since solaris 2.0) application have to be recompiled with libncurses instead libtermcap. This is perhaps true for other unix OS. This should avoid confusion.


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