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Re: segemntation fault

Mahdi Ben Jelloul wrote:
I think there is a conflict on libc. I've tried to install libc5 on my 
system, and ldd say that ferret doesn't try to use it. if you dont need 
libc5, try to remove it from your system. I think ferret dont need 
libc5. ferret guru should confirm.


But as I said before termcap-compat that provides the libtermcap does
need it. So it can't remove it. How did ou manage to get off the
problem with libtermcap on debian without libc5 ?


Perhaps this message from the ferret_users archive will be of assistance in solving this problem:


Though it specifically deals with SuSE Linux, in theory the process should work on your Debian system.  Or perhaps Olivier has another answer.


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