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Spatial and Temporal Averages

Hello All

Im taking spatial average of current components say between layers
0 to 100m and listing to a file:

set data hyruns3Z.10.232.nc
yes? list /file=augavr0to10m.dat /J /I U_VELOCITY[Z=0:100@AVE], V_VELOCITY[Z=0:100@AVE]
LISTing to file augavr0to10m.dat

It works just fine.

But how do you do this for the case of temporal averaging when you have several files to consider (say daily for a month) for each grid point?

Thanks a lot.


Ansley Manke wrote:
Hi Xavier,
If you are trying to overlay a variable of file 2 on a plot
of a variable from the first file, you have to do something to
regrid the variables to a common grid.  But simply having
other datasets open should  not be a problem.  For example

yes? use etopo60
yes? use coads_climatology

yes? show data
! the ETOPO60 grid is twice as dense as COADS in x-y

 !   You can plot data from either dataset alone

yes? shade/L=1 slp
yes? shade rose[d=1]

!  Or, you can combine variables from the datasets on one plot,
!  if you regrid data from one of the datasets to the grid of the
!  first one plotted.

yes? shade rose[d=1]
yes? contour/over/L=1 slp[g=rose[d=1]

If this does not answer your question, could you include more
of an example of the commands you are using?

Ansley Manke

Xavier Giraud wrote:

Dear Ferret users,

Here is my problem :

2 Netcdf files, with the same variables (names), but produced on
different grids (dimensions).
file_1 : i=1:8  j=1:4529
file_2 : i=1:182  j=1:149

the script :

use file_1
use file_2
shade var_of_file_2 ....

--> when I shade file_2, it considers the dimensions of file_1 (and
obviously produces an error).

Does anyone have a solution ?

Thanks in advance

Xavier Giraud
Max Planck Institut fuer Biogeochemie
Winzerlaer strasse 10
07745 Jena, Germany

tel: +49 3641 57 62 21
fax: +49 3641 57 72 00


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