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Re: Converting GMT files to the netCDF format

Thanks, everyone, for your help -- it works!

However, I have one small detail to take care of. The y-axis of the grid
in the netCDF file is inverted, and I need to re-order the rows. I tried
repeating my steps but this time transposing the coordinates (24 and 31)
in the DEFINE AXIS/Y command, but that makes no difference.

What can I do to re-order the y-axis?



Mark A Ohrenschall wrote:

> yes? DEFINE AXIS/X=-98:-81/npoints=20401 xax
> yes? DEFINE AXIS/Y=24:31/npoints=8401 yax
> yes? LET my_grid = RESHAPE(depth, x[gx=xax]+y[gy=yax])

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