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Re: Re: Core dump on AIX.

Hi All,
I have downloaded the ferret5.41 beta  binaries from website and installed them on AIX. Ferret seems to be working fine with that however there is a small problem while converting plot files (metafile.plt) to a ps file using Fprint. After issuing the command "Fprint -o test.ps metafile.plt" the error I get is this "/usr/local/bin/gksm2ps: syntax error at line 1: `(' unexpected". Is there anything I missed?? I am an absolutely new user of ferret and will highly appreciate the help. 

Also please inform me whenever the new binaries with external functions are available for download. Martin, if possible please send it by mail.

Thanks and Regards,
Mohit.. .

"Martin Schmidt"<mschmidt@io-warnemuende.de> wrote:
Hi all,

please note, the 5.41-binaries at the ferret server do not have 
external functions. The binaries, which I have sent to Rebecca 
Fahey have external functions. 

However, I do not have a response, if my extarnal functions lib 
works at other machines. I have it running at my 4.3 machine and 
have good experience with at least one 5.1 machine.

Hi Kevin,

if I get positive response from Rebecca and others concerning 
external functions, we should put the new binaries as well as 
the tar file with the external function utilities on your ferret 
web side.  

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