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Heat content in the mixed layer

Dear Ferret Guru,

Perhaps this is a trivial question, but I would like to get some help on

I want to compute the heat content in the mixed layer. The mixed layer
height is computed as follows:

let mix_layer_dens = dens[k=1]+0.2
let zero_at_mix_layer_dens = dens - mix_layer_dens
let mix_layer_h = zero_at_mix_layer_dens[z=@loc:0]

mix_layer_h has X,Y and T (time) dimensions. Now to compute the heat content
in the water column above the mixed layer. I tried the following

let temp_vertint = rhow*Cp*temp[z=0:`mix_layer_h`@din]

it looks, Ferret is unable to substitute for `mix_layer_h`. I am using Ferret
version 5.40. I am getting following error:

let temp_vertint = rhow*Cp*temp[z=0:`mix_layer_h`@din]
 **ERROR: invalid command: grave accent doesnt evaluate to scalar
DEFINE VARIABLE temp_vertint = rhow*Cp*temp[z=0:`mix_layer_h`@din]
Command file, command group, or REPEAT execution aborted.

Please let me know how to compute the heat content in the mixed layer.
Thanks in advance.

Satheesh C. Shenoi                     Ph.:   (91)(832) 2456700 ext4224/4400
Physical Oceanography Division,        Fax:   (91)(832) 2456702/2456703
National Institute of Oceanography,    email: shenoi@darya.nio.org
Dona Paula, Goa 403 004, India.	       Ph.:   (91)(832) 2459553 (home)



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