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Saving Variables in CDF files

I'm having to rearrange script to work around the 33 dataset hard limit.  In
doing so, I'm having difficulty getting ferret to save actual values.
Instead it appears to be saving the variable definition (var = hgt[d=1] -

For instance when I:

(1) save to a CDF file(save/file=run.cdf/clobber var)
(2) cancel all data (cancel data/all)
(3) recall run.cdf (set data run.cdf)
(4) recall var  (fill var)

...ferret looks for datasets 1 and 2.  What I need it to do is calculate the
value of var for each grid point and same THAT value into var.

Is there some step I'm missing to require a variable be calculated prior to
saving to a CDF?


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