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Re: Is it possible to create a multi-page image file by Ferret?

Hi Rong,
This cannot be done directly, but you can make multiple multiple
metafiles in one Ferret session; either by opening a new named
metafile for each page
set mode meta image1.plt
go ptest
set mode meta image2.plt
plot/i=1:120 cos(i/12)
set mode meta image3.plt
plot/i=1:12 1./i
or, use the PPL CLSPLT command each time you want to
start a new page.  This closes the metafile and opens a new
one, as long as MODE METAFILE is in effect.  It will make
a set if files with the same name and multiple version numbers,
here they would be
modelplots.plt.~1~, modelplots.plt.~2~, modelplots.plt
set mode meta modelplots.plt
go ptest
ppl clsplt
plot/i=1:120 cos(i/12)
ppl clsplt
plot/i=1:12 1./i

Ansley Manke

Rong wrote:

Hi ferreters

I'm tring to create a series of images for the model output.But it seems that ferret can only store one page in a file,such as postscript file. So my question is that is it possible to create a multi-page image file by Ferret?

Best Wishes

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