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Re: How to shift axis?

Hi Michael,
Is your axis a modulo axis?  You can see this with the SHOW GRID var
command.  If it is not a modulo axis, you can make it one with
the command SET AXIS/MODULO axisname

  yes? SET DATA coads_climatology
  yes? SHOW GRID sst
   name       axis        # pts   start   end
   COADSX    LONGITUDE    180mr   21E     19E(379)

The m after 180 indicates that the axis COADSX is modulo.  If it
weren't, we could say:


Once your axis is a modulo axis, you can specify any X range
and Ferret will take care of the shift.  Here is an example,
where I just define an axis and make up some data.  Then
both are plotted using a different X range.

  yes? define axis/x=0e:2.5w:2.5/units=longitude/modulo myx
  yes? let a = sin(x[gx=myx]/12) + 27.
  yes? use coads_climatology
  yes? plot/x=-180:180 sst[L=1,y=0], a

Starting with Ferret version 5.5, any longitude axis which is not
longer than 360 is by default a modulo axis, so the /MODULO
qualifier would not be needed.

Ansley Manke

Michael Traub wrote:

Hi Ferreters!

I want to visualize climatological data. In general, I know what to do.
Unfortunately, the data set starts at 0E (I=1) and ends at 2.5W (I=144).
But I would like to have a start at 20W (I=136 ??). How can I shift the axis that I=136 becomes I=1???



Michael Traub
Max-Planck Institute for Chemistry
Department of Atmospheric Chemistry
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phone: +49 6131 305-437
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Ansley Manke  Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory  Seattle WA  (206)526-6246

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