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Re: Getting bigger numbers on a plot grid(?)

Hi Jonni,

	Here are three ppl commands that can control the heights of
labels (though there are other ways in the plot and contour commands)

ppl labset,htitle,hxlab,hylab,hmovelab
Title height         : ppl labset 1st argument
x-axis label height  : ppl labset 2nd argument
y-axis label height  : ppl labset 3rd argument
Movable label height : ppl labset 4th argument

ppl axlsze,hxval,hyval
x-axis value height  : ppl axlsze 1st argument
y-axis value height  : ppl axlsze 2nd argument

ppl conset,hconlab
Contour label height : ppl conset 1st argument
A demo that may help

let/title="x-axis label" vx=i
let/title="y-axis label" vy=1/i
plot/vs/set/title="Main title" vx,vy
! now set the label and axis value heights
ppl labset,0.2,0.18,0.16,0.25 ; ppl axlsze,0.12,0.14
ppl labs   ! clear the movable labels set by ferret
ppl labs,1,@srMovable label
! After the plot is drawn the ppl labs,1 (without x,y position
! values lets the user choose the positioning with the crosshairs.
! First click on (say) center in the menu, then place the cross
! where you want the label to go and click again.
ppl plot

When you use the cursor to position labels interactively the crosshair
position is returned as symbols XMOUSE,YMOUSE and also in a file that
gets created (fort.41) that contains the "ppl labs" information that
achieves the label (which you can cut and paste into subsequent hard-
wired versions of the script.  It also gives the user the ability to
define points, line segments, polygons based on what appears on the

Good luck,

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