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Re: Harmonic analysis

Hi Ramesh,
Ferret has a  family of FFT functions; see the demo
ef_fft_demo.jnl for a simple example of their use


In the Users Guide, under FFTA, there is a discussion of the
method that the functions use.  Note that in addition to the FFT
amplitude and phase that are used in the demo, there are also
functions to return the real and imaginary part of the transformation,
and to invert the Fourier transform.   If you develop Ferret scripts
to use these functions for your analysis, they would be welcome
contributions to the Ferret community.

Ansley Manke

"K.V. Ramesh" wrote:

>  Dear Ferret users,
>    Is it possible to perform harmonic analysis using ferret,
> to find different hormonics from daily data. If so How can
> I do it. Can any body can help me.
> Thanks in advance.
> regards,
> Ramesh
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