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Re: weird problem in filling contour

Hi Boyin,
Yes, this is a known bug.  You are correct that it occurs only
with irregular grids and with the FILL command (even though the
command is CONTOUR/FILL, the filling uses a different algorithm
than the contouring does).  We do not have a fix for this now, but
you may be able to work around it by using limits on the variable
to make sure Ferret evaluates the variable out to, or beyond, the
plot limits. Here's an example using the  Levitus_climatology data
set that is included with Ferret

   yes? use levitus_climatology

   yes? !  This plot shows the wierd clipping

   yes? set view upper
   yes? fill/x=180/vlim=0:400/hlim=21:80 temp

   yes? !  Specifying the y and z limits on TEMP fixes it.

   yes? set view lower
   yes? fill/x=180/vlim=0:400/hlim=21:80 temp[z=0:400,y=21:80]

Boyin Huang wrote:

> Hi, Ferreters:
> I encountered a weird problem when tried to fill the contour map. The
> contours are fine, but the filling is not complete: The corners are cut
> "blank" (see attached pdf file). If I change the plotting domain
> smaller, the "blank" remains relatively at the same corner.  But, If I
> plot to the ficture for the entire domain (90S-90N), there is no problem
> at all. Does this have something to do with my non-uniformed grids (both
> in y and z direction)?
> --
> Boyin Huang, Ph.D.
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> Email. byh@crces.org, http://www.crces.org/byh
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