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Re: axis format: xfor & yfor

> I still have a specific problem with the format of axis: This time it is 
> about the floating point.
> Auppose I have an SST anomaly from -1 to 1 degree, and wish to plot a 
> curve using tick interval of 0.1 degree. The ferret alway to print 
> "-1.00, -0.80, -0.60, ....". May I remove the last digit of 0 and print 
> it as "-1.0, -0.8, -0.6 ...."?
> I tried to use something similar to "ppl xfor (i4)", but I can not 
> figure it out.

plot/set/.... variable_name
ppl yfor,(f4.1)
ppl plot

Should plot an axis with only 1 decimal place. This is not
a persistent setting, so every time you want to control the
axis format you must do PLOT/SET, define the axis formats,
then PPL PLOT, as above.

Billy K

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