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Moc OS X ports

Howdy Folks,

        Thanks to a big bunch of help from Ferret developer Kevin
        O'Brien, I have been able to get Ferret v5.50 to compile under
        Mac OS X using g77 as the Fortran compiler.  I'm not really
        sure how stable the resultant executable is (it hasn't crashed
        on me anyhow), and we'd like to encourage people to try it out
        so we can, er, ferret out the bugs.

        If you have an up-to-date (i.e., 10.2.3) OS X system, and if
        you've gotten X11 installed via fink, and if you're willing to
        use fink to install lesstif and netCDF, and if you're reading
        this mailing list, well then, try it out!  


        File bug reports to me, please, at andyj@splash.princeton.edu.

        Best Regards,


        p.s.  I also compiled Ferret with g77 under Linux as part of
        this effort.  It's a big deal that ferret compiles with g77
        now, because that should mean that external functions can be
        compiled with an open-source compiler, and porting to other
        platforms will be much easier.

        p.p.s.  Richard Matear at CSIRO in Australia independently got
        Ferret compiled under OS X and with g77, so if mine is flakey
        maybe you can ask for his executable.

Andy Jacobson


Program in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences
Sayre Hall, Forrestal Campus
Princeton University
PO Box CN710 Princeton, NJ 08544-0710 USA

Tel: 609/258-5260  Fax: 609/258-2850

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