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Re: enlarge a metafile

Hi All,
Jaclyn and I have been working back and forth on this, and with
some help from Mick Spillane, we have a solution.

Create the plot in a viewport that is the final desired size.  Then the
-g option for gksm2ps lets us increase the output postscript file
dimensions. For example, a plot that is portrait 16.5" high by 10.5"

        yes? ppl size, 10.5, 16.5
        yes? ppl origin, 0.75, 0.5
        yes? ppl axlen, 9, 15.5
        yes? set mode meta tabloid.plt
        yes? use etopo20
        yes? shade/lev=200/x=100:200 rose
        yes? can mode meta

Then from the Unix command line
        > gksm2ps -g 1188x1188+10+10 -o tabloid.ps tabloid.plt

Here 1188 = 16.5 x 72 and 10 is a little shift.  See gksm2ps in the
Ferret Users's guide for the details of the -g option.

Now you have a large postscript file.  We haven't found a way to
verify in on the screen;  ghostview crops it, but probably various
graphics programs can view it, and it does print on a large-format

Ansley Manke

"Clement, Jaclyn USA" wrote:

> Hi Ferreters,
> I'm trying to enlarge a metafile in Ferret.  Is there any way to do this?  I know how to enlarge it as it is translated to a postscript file (e.g. UNIX> gksm2ps -g WxH+x+y), but this is not what I need.  When I increase the size of the postscript this way, the resolution stays the same.   I'm plotting vectors over a large area and if the metafile itself could be enlarged prior to it's creation then I believe the resolution might be preserved.  This way the standard 1/2 inch vector would really be 1/2 inch over the enlarged file.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.
> Sincerely,
> Jaclyn Clement
> Naval Postgraduate School
> Dept of Oceanography, Building 232
> 833 Dyer Road
> Monterey, CA 93943
> Tel: 831.656.3226
> Fax: 831.656.2712
> E-mail: jlclemen@nps.navy.mil
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