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gksm2ps problem


This may only be a problem on my Dec/Compaq/HP Alpha machine, but I 
thought I would ask anyways. I recently installed Ferret version 5.5 and I 
get segmentation faults when using gksm2ps or Fprint to convert metafiles 
to postscript. Also, our printer will not print the resulting postscript 
file even though I can view it in ghostview.

I also noticed that CMYK support was added to this version of gksm2ps! I'm 
looking forward to trying that out. 


David A. Bailey, bailey@ocean.washington.edu
School of Oceanography, University of Washington
Box 355351, Seattle, WA 98195-5351 USA
ph: +1 206 221 6570 fax: +1 206 685 3354
web: http://www.ocean.washington.edu/~bailey

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