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Re: how to change the start color in the default palette?

Hello Lily - 

It is easy to make palettes.

Create a file with a name of the form:  your_file_name.spk

Each line of the file consists of four numbers:

Percent  Red_value  Green_value  Blue_value

The first line should have the value of Percent be 0,
and the last line should have Percent be 100. Values
of Red, Green, Blue range from 0 to 100. An example is

0     0  100  100
20   20   20  100
45  100  100  100
55  100  100  100
80  100   20   20
100 100  100    0

which starts at cyan, goes to blue, to lighter blue,
then to white at the middle, then to light red, to 
darker red, and to yellow at the high end.

Then in ferret:

yes? pal your_file_name        ! omit the ".spk"
yes? fill variable

The above form persists until a new PAL command is given.


yes? fill/pal=your_file_name variable

This form only applies to the individual command and 
does not persist.

The initial palette (if you don't change anything) is 
called "default".

Billy K

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