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Re: how to change the start color in the default palette?

Hi Lily,
Welcome to the Ferret community!

It is possible to create your own palettes, and you may wish to
do that as you get more familiar with Ferret, but a quick way
to make minor changes in your plot using an exisiting palette is by
controlling the levels in your fill or shade plot.  Say you are plotting
a variable and the color key comes out over a range of -5 to 35,
with a delta of 5.  Then you could re-do the plot with the levels
starting one notch lower.   For example:

yes? use coads_climatology
yes? shade/L=1 sst                   ! see the levels that were automatically used
yes? shade/lev=(-10:35:5) var
In fact, this is a good example for using the new LEVELS symbols
introduced in version 5.5 of Ferret:
yes? use coads_climatology
yes?  shade/l=1 sst
yes? sh sym lev*
LEV_MIN = "-5"
LEV_MAX = "35"
LEV_NUM = "9"
LEV_DEL = "5"

yes? shade/lev=(`($lev_min) - ($lev_del)`, ($lev_max), ($lev_del))/L=1 sst

Ansley Manke

Lily wrote:

  Hi all,I am new in using Ferret. I am just wondering how can I fill the graph with a bit change in the default palette. The default palette start from purple, which I want to use light blue, and dark blue for the higher value. All the other color in the palette are fine.Thanks a lot!Lily


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