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RE: deepest depth

On Wed, 29 Jan 2003, Clement, Jaclyn USA wrote:
> When I tried the commands that you sent, I got an error message:
> **ERROR: command syntax: "," is illegal in 'temp,r=kend'

Hi Jaclyn,

In Ferret we use backquotes (``) to evaluate an expression in "immediate
mode" -- it instantly converts the expression to a number.  In this case,
it returns the largest k-index of the variable temp.  Above, it looks like
you may have used regular quotes ('') instead of backquotes... perhaps
this is the source of the error?

Quick summary of what those commands do:
(1) defines a variable (kvals) consisting of the k-values for each level.
(2) defines a variable (kzero) with a value of zero at the bottom level   
    (maximum k).
(3) defines a 3-D variable (integrand) which looks like temperature, but
    has all levels except the bottom one masked out.
(4) sums through the levels to create the 2-D map of bottom temperature;
    only the bottom level contributes to the sum because of the masking (3).     
For more on those cryptic commands, see the online User's Guide:


You can use your browser's "search" function in the left panel to learn
more about the elements you don't understand.



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