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Re: Tic intervals and hlimits

Hi Dan,
	I was a bit hasty in my earlier reply to your query regarding
the use of HLIMITS with time axis data. Its one of the risks of having
used Plotplus for 20 years and perhaps thinking first in ppl terms
rather than using the new and improved gizmos that keep flowing from
the Ferret shop (long may they continue).
	Anyway, the bottom line is that HLIMITS works fine with values
inserted in calendar format.  One just has to add some minimal ppl
commands to achieve the full control you need (dropping month tics and
labelling only some years)
	use monthly_navy_winds
	plot/hlimits="1-jan-1984":"31-dec-1989"/set uwnd[i=10,j=10]
	ppl txlint,0,2 ; ppl tics,0 ; ppl plot

Good luck,

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