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Re: Progressive vector diagram

On Sat, 18 Jan 2003, Mathieu Valois wrote:
> I would like to know how to plot progressive vector diagrams using current meters data.
> Many thanks.

Hi Mathieu,
	The easiest way is to use @rsum, a running (cumulative) sum of the
variable it is used with, as in u[l=@rsum] if u is a function of time.
For example if we had hourly velocity data (u,v) in units of cm/sec and a
time axis in units of hours then 3600*u[l=@rsum]/100 would give the x-axis
sum in meters at each point in the time interval. Likewise for the
y-axis component and the result could be plotted with plot/vs .
	If you have a start location (x0,y0) in meters then it and the
summed u and v (shifted in time by one step) that I think you need. Try
the following demo and see if it makes sense

! define the time axis for three days of hourly data
def axis/t="1-jan-2003:00:00":"3-jan-2003:23:00":1/t0="1-jan-2003:00:00"
                                                  /units=hours tax
! now dream up a (u,v) series - a mix of semidiurnal and diurnal tides ...
let semid=2*3.14159/12.42 ; let diurn=2*3.14159/24.00
let u=cos(semid*time)+0.5*sin(diurn*time)
let v=0.5*sin(semid*time)+cos(diurn*time)
! ... and the sums in meters assuming u,v in cm/s
let usum=3600*u[l=@rsum]/100 ; let vsum=3600*v[l=@rsum]/100
list/l=1:5 time,u,v,usum,vsum
!                        TIME      U      V   USUM   VSUM
!01-JAN-2003 00:00 / 1:  0.000  1.000  1.000   36.0   36.0
!01-JAN-2003 01:00 / 2:  1.000  1.004  1.208   72.1   79.5
!01-JAN-2003 02:00 / 3:  2.000  0.780  1.290  100.2  125.9
!01-JAN-2003 03:00 / 4:  3.000  0.407  1.206  114.9  169.4
!01-JAN-2003 04:00 / 5:  4.000 -0.004  0.950  114.7  203.5
! but (36,36) is where it should be at the END of the first hour so if
! we set x0,y0 as the starting location then the positions at the listed
! times should be given by
let xpos=if(l eq 1)then x0 else x0+usum[l=@shf:-1]
let ypos=if(l eq 1)then y0 else y0+vsum[l=@shf:-1]

let x0=100 ; let y0=200
plot/vs/line=2/l=1:72 xpos,ypos
! mark the start point
label `x0` `y0` 0 0 0.1 @p4Start

That apart from details line scaling the x and y axes the same or
perhaps rescaling for a chart overlay should do it I think. Hope this
Mick Spillane

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