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Re: FW: Discontinuous color table...

Speaking of palettes; does anyone have a nice *color* palette which turns into a reasonable *greyscale* when xeroxed/printed on b/w paper? Most color plots in journal articles do not xerox well, and it is usually impossible to tell high from low values. A single palette, which does double duty this way, would seem to be the ideal. Color palettes typically reveal details more clearly, but the xeroxed (hence greyscale) copy should at least communicate the general pattern in a monotonic way. I realize the answer is somewhat hardware dependent.


Farrar, Paul D wrote:
 I use a slightly different one that I really like.

   0   0   0  40
  20   0   0 100
  45 100 100 100
  55 100 100 100
  80 100   0  00
100   40   0   0

It starts with a blackish blue, goes to a saturated blue, then
to white for the middle ten percent, goes from light pink to
saturated red, then desaturates for a dark blood-red.

Paul Farrar

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There are probably more elegant solutions, but as long as you
leave the central value of the color table white, it should
always be as you want. For instance, I use the following blue-
white-red palette:

 0   20   20  100
45   95   95   95
55   95   95   95
100 100   20   20

Note that the central 10% of the color range is white (actually
very light gray, you could make it white by changing all the 95's
to 100's).

Then I would fill:

fill/lev=(-3,3,1,-1)del(0) variable

This would leave the range between -1 and 1 white. Negative values
would shade from dark to light blue, then positive values from light
to dark red. If you then wanted to have a zero contour line:

contour/over/lev=(-3,3,1,-1) variable

This did the trick. Thanks, Billy!
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