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Re: memory size limits in Linux version

Hi Rob -

I think the issue may be that there isn't enough swap space configured on your
Linux machine.   Our linux version of Ferret was actually built on a Linux machine
that only has 512Mbyte of RAM.  However, when I run Ferret, I can do a

and it works fine.  The reason for this is that, though we only have 512Mbyte of
RAM, we have our Linux system configured with 2Gbyte of virtual memory/swap space.

If you can add swap space to your Linux machine (fairly straightforward using the
"swapon" command, I believe), I think you'll find that you'll be able to set
higher memory limits.


Rob Scott wrote:

> Dear Ferret
> Running ferret v.541 under Linux Red hat with a machine with 3GB of RAM, I can
> but no more, i.e.
> complains.
> Our admin has sleuthed out that ferret was probably compiled on a machine
> with only 1G of memory, and that if
> it were compiled on one with more memory then this command would operate on
> my machine.
> Is this true? (Shall I obtain the source code and compile locally?)
> Thanks
> Rob
> Rob Scott
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> Institute for Geophysics
> University of Texas at Austin
> 4412 Spicewood Springs Rd.
> Building 600
> Austin, TX
> 78759
> Office: +1-512-471-0375

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