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Re: problems with Win98-Part II

Hello -
I believe the answer to your question can be found at

where it says:

Modify the Environment for a Specific MS-DOS Program

To increase the default environment space for a specific MS-DOS program, follow these steps:

Right-click the MS-DOS program icon, and then click Properties .

On the Memory tab, type or click the number of kilobytes (KB) the program requires in the Initial
Environment box, and then click OK .

NOTE : The maximum amount of memory you can allocate for an MS-DOS program is 4096 KB.

Let me know if this doesn't solve the problem.


Pedro Tildes Gomes wrote:

Hello again:

Thanks to Martinho Almeida and Mark Williams, but the problem still remains.
I think that the problem is either on ferrret.sh or in ferretSart.bat files.
I think is the last one. My ferretStart.bat file looks like this:

SET FER_DIR=C:\Program Files\TMAP
bash -i ferret.sh

The first error message is "Too many parametrs" and I think its related with
an instruction in the .bat file.


Pedro Tildes Gomes

Kevin O'Brien                   UW/JISAO	
Research Scientist              NOAA/PMEL/TMAP
206-526-6751                    http://tmap.pmel.noaa.gov

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