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Re: plot annotations (a wish...)

Ansley Manke <ansley@pmel.noaa.gov> writes:

| Hi Helge,
| I realized you probably did not use PLOT/VS, but just PLOT to
| overlay a set of lines.  How about this: it makes the definitions messier
| but you get the different lines labelled with titles that you set.  I used
| [d=1]  dataset number, but you could also use the dataset names.
| FILE/VAR=zz,u,v,wr dat1.dat
| FILE/VAR=zz,u,v,wr dat2.dat
| FILE/VAR=zz,u,v,wr dat3.dat
| LET/TITLE="Depth" depth= zz[d=1]*-6
| LET/TITLE="Speed at 12H" vel12=(u[d=1]*u[d=1]+u[d=1]*u[d=1])^0.5
| LET/TITLE="Speed at 14H" vel14=(u[d=2]*u[d=2]+u[d=2]*u[d=2])^0.5
| LET/TITLE="Speed at 16H" vel16=(u[d=3]*u[d=3]+u[d=3]*u[d=3])^0.5
| PLOT/LINE/SYM DEPTH, vel12, vel14, vel16

Hi Ansley,
perfect - defining the variables like you show above made it work
exactly as I wanted, thanks a lot!


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