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plot annotations (a wish...)

Dear ferreters,
I am trying to use PLOT to view several timeseries in the same graph,
but are not happy with the annotations for the lines;

is there some way to make my variable titles propagate into the line
annotations instead of those messy
    <variable name>[d=long ugly filename]?

I read my data, define variables and titles like this

FILE/VAR=zz,u,v,wr,s,t tp100600-VPROF-51.DATA
LET/TITLE="Depth" depth= zz[i=1:($KB)]*-($D)
LET/TITLE="Speed at 12H" vel=(u*u+v*v)^0.5


Then plot the lines like

PLOT/VS/LINE/SYMBOL/VLIMITS=($D):0:-100/TRANSPOSE depth,vel[d=tp102400-VPROF-51.DATA],\

So my wish is really that ferret as a default could pick up user
defined titles for variables and use them in the annotations, and
rather use the current method as a fallback solution if titles are

I guess the only way I can achieve this now is to manually delete and
replace labels, but this seems hard to automate - for me at least :)
any comments?


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