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Re: ppl aline

Hi Mark,
	The purpose of ALINE is to draw a sample line of whatever the
supplied line number is set to.  For example
	plot/nolab/i=1:10 i,1/i
	ppl aline 1 2 12 4 12
	ppl aline 2 7 12 9 12
will produce a plot with thin black and red lines for the plotted curves
and the sample lines drawn above.
	If you wanted extra thick black (pen 13) and red (pen 14) lines
you could do the following
	plot/nolab/i=1:10/set i,1/i
	ppl pen,1,13 ! set first line to use pen 13
	ppl pen,2,14 ! set second line to use pen 14
	ppl plot
	ppl aline 1 2 12 4 12
	ppl aline 2 7 12 9 12

Try the above.  If the plot doesn't have extra-dark lines on the screen
for both curves and sample lines there is some other problem.  The
thickness of line in hard copy is another issue.  Sorry if I have missed
the point of your question.  If the problem persists please supply a
simple demo script that illustrates the difficulty.

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