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Re: buggy postscript?

Billy Kessler <kessler@pmel.noaa.gov> writes:

| > yes? sp gksm2ps -R -p portrait -l cps -o storm.ps metafile.plt
| > greadgksm()  162 No item is left in GKS Metafile input
| I don't know about the other stuff, but this "No item" message 
| usually means that you did not give the PPL CLSPLT command to 
| close the metafile. As you say, this often does not matter, but
| sometimes it results in omission of the final pieces of the plot
| from the postscript. Are the missing white labels you refer to
| at the end of your plotting script? 
| I would fix the PPL CLSPLT problem first, and see if the subsequent 
| errors go away.

thanks, the warning disappeared, but still the same error with the ps
file. the missing labels are at the end of the script, yes.


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