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TMAP ERR: limit on storage for coordinates has been reached

Dear ferret:

I am trying to combine 488 netCDF files, each representing 1 week of data on a mercator lat lon grid, into one big file.
However I get the above error while reading the 136th netCDF file.

I have tried following the advice of Steve Hankin:

yet the problem persists.

In particular, I'm doing the following:

I set up the time axis, and a 3D grid based on the 2D mercator grid that "grid_0001" in on, and an empty variable on this grid called "ssha"

DEFINE AXIS/T=15627:19036:7/UNITS=DAYS taxis
DEFINE GRID/LIKE=grid_0001/T=taxis grid_aviso
LET/TITLE="AVISO Sea Surface Height Anomaly"/UNITS=m \
ssha = (1/0) * x[G=grid_aviso] * y[G=grid_aviso] * t[G=grid_aviso]

SAVE/CLOBBER/FILE="ssha_aviso_AR.cdf"/RIGID/ILIMITS=1:91/JLIMITS=260:364/LLIMITS=1:488 ssha

LET dummie = x[G=grid_aviso] * y[G=grid_aviso] * t[G=grid_aviso]

REPEAT/k=1:488 (LET a = names[i=`k`]; \
SET DATA/regulart `a`; \
LET/TITLE="AVISO Sea Surface Height Anomaly"/UNITS=m ssha = RESHAPE(ssha_tmp,dummie[L=`k`]); \
SAVE/APPEND/FILE="ssha_aviso_AR.cdf"/RIGID/ILIMITS=1:91/JLIMITS=260:364/LLIMITS=1:488 ssha[L=`k`]; \

I'm guessing that the problem arises because the mercator grid is irregular in lat.
But I'm cancelling each file after I use it, so I don't see why it's accumulating this info.

Thanks for your help,

I'm running ferret v5.41 on Linux 2.4.3-12smp

Rob Scott
Research Associate
Institute for Geophysics
University of Texas at Austin
4412 Spicewood Springs Rd.
Building 600
Austin, TX

Office: +1-512-471-0375

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