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Strangeness in 'format="unformatted"' vs 'format="stream"'

I've got a Fortran unformatted binary file that FERRET doesn't want to finish
reading if it's not direct-access. The FERRET script is incredibly simple:
set memory/size=256
def axis/x=-179.5:179.5:1/unit="degrees_east"/modulo lon
def axis/y=-89.5:89.5:1/unit="degrees_north" lat
def axis/t="15-JAN-1871":"15-DEC-1997"/npoint=1524 time
def grid/x=lon/y=lat/t=time gg
!file/format="stream"/grid=gg/var=v1 G2.3b_1871_1997.anom.da
file/format="unformatted"/grid=gg/var=v1 G2.3b_1871_1997.anom
set var/bad=1.E36 v1
let/title="GISST SST Anomaly (relative to 1961-1990)"/units="deg.C"   SSTA  = v1[g=gg@asn]
save/clo/file=GISST_2.3b_1871_1997_anom.nc SSTA

But the output of the unformatted read is only 1 record, but if I convert the
binary to direct-access, I get all 1524 records.

Am I missing something?
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