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Re: Other vector formats (to be continued)

Hi Salvador,
Ferret's VECTOR command will not do this, but there
are ways to use the U,V components to draw arrows
on a plot.

There are two Ferret script called centered_vectors.jnl
and scattered_vectors.jnl, which you might be able to
modify to do what you want..  You can find the scripts
included in the distribution with the Unix command:
> Fgo centered_vectors
> Fgo scattered_vectors

I would suggest you make your own copies of these and
read the comments in them.  centered_vectors.jnl writes
a file with vector information in it, and calls scattered_vectors
to compute the locations on the plot to draw the vectors.
The vectors are drawn with a PLOT/VS/LINE command.

If you look in scattered_vectors you will see that the arrow heads
are drawn as line segments and it should be straitforward to rescale
their lengths, or otherwise change the plot to look the way you
want.  If you create a script you are happy with, please post it back
here to the Users' List for others to use.

Ansley Manke

Salvador Calabria Montero wrote:

> Hello all,
> Thank you for former suggestions about how to do vector in other formats, but
> I keep searching to do the following:
> I would like to do vectors 'with barbs' in the same way that GRADS do it with
> its command "display barb". That is, what I need is to draw vectors with a
> barb that shows the magnitude of the speed. I suspect that this is not
> possible with ferret, at least in an easy way.
> If anybody could give me a hint, or tell me that I did not try to find the
> way because it is impossible, I would appreciate it.
> Thank you for your help in advance

Ansley Manke  Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory  Seattle WA  (206)526-6246

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