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putting grids

Dear users,
              I am using the following script for
obtaining a ferret graph, Can any one tell me how can
I get 3by 3 digree (Lat& Long)or 1 by 1 digree grids
overlied on to the graph

set mode metafile 
set win/asp=0.6
ppl pen 0,1
define viewport/xlim=.05,.95/ylim=0.05,1 thisis
set viewport thisis
define axis/x=0.0E:359.0E:1/units=degrees lon
define axis/y= 90.0S: 90.0N:1/units=degrees lat
define grid/x=lon/y=lat bath
levels="(0,100,10)(0,400,10)" (dep*100)
ppl ylab
ppl xlab
ppl fill
go fland 20

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